Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NOVEMBER 4th, 2009

By Lorna Goodison

-I've done my best to immortalize what i failed to keep.
-Joseph Brodsky

And now I am a lepidopterist
with my rows of bitter pins
securing here, now there
the flown species wings.
If we soak the memories
in our bile
they will keep and crystallize
come clear
in the heat of this now poisoned air.
I thought I had you/ where are you?
You gave up on us/ I gave up on you
You changed your mind/ I'm changing mine
Lord, even in death the wings beat so.
Hold still.
let me put this las row in.

This Question Hides a More Important One, Rephrase and Ask Again.

this weekend was one that really broke my heart...so here i will leave you with an oldie but a goodie...

This Question Hides a More Important One, Rephrase and Ask Again.

the function of my eyes don't require the stars which have faded anyway
we all are on this lifelong quest-
discovery, believing, love
an infinate cycle
but no can take it so they swallow it in half the dosage
and go on with their half hearted fake smiles
ridding themselves of enemies
expanding rapidly like those little sponge animals in water
these are the people that consider the flame and not the shape of its shadow
and here i am, strung along by the common bond
that everyone is ticklish somewhere
incomplete and complex
irratibility reigns
because all too often my question goes unanswered
and i am forced to make friends with my unconcious urges
a quick personality check
self analysis with a fork
and all of a sudden i have faith like a senior citizen
its not good, but sometimes its necessary to get lost in the anonymous
and I always do
too many souls are lost in this land
but now i'll keep you wondering about the world, on your tippy toes
as long as my cup is filled with flavored tea
endless refills.